The 4 Myths of Alternative Therapy

Have you ever paid for a therapy or coaching session, only to come out confused or unclear about how to move forward?

I certainly have! The problem is, in traditional life coaching or counseling, you talk about your problems and get in touch with your feelings. Sometimes you may be given strategies or action items to take. However, from my own experience, it is a slow, time consuming and costly process and you are expected to go weekly. More often than not you go for years to get the benefits. 

The other aspect of traditional methods is that when you do nothing more than talk about your problem, it’s all you think about and what you think about has an emotion attached to it. That emotion keeps you stuck in the problem and you cannot find the solution in the problem.

Ultimately, you have to shift your mindset away from the problem and into feeling better.

That is when your creative energy starts to flow and you come up with better options.

If you’re thinking that working with me and investing in yourself, your health, your heart, your happiness, your success and your ability to keep a positive mindset is too costly, let me show you a different perspective.

Let’s address 4 common myths about coaching and therapy and how my approach is radically different.

Myth #1: I’ll need months to see or feel the results

Because I use many different modalities in my work, including my favorite Resonance Realignment™, you move very quickly out of pain and negative emotions into a place of inner peace and a positive mindset. When you are in a more peaceful happier state and mindset, you are able to practice a new way of looking and responding to life. You will be able to maintain your happy, peaceful state and realign yourself back to it if you slip out of it.

Myth #2: I’ll need to dedicate time every week — which I don’t have in my busy lifestyle

Using alternative methods such as RR, you do “not” have to do weekly sessions. As a matter of fact, unless you are in a crisis I suggest doing sessions every other week. If you are feeling better I would suggest every 3 or 4 weeks. When you purchase a package of 4 sessions you have 4 months to use them. You will know after your session what feels right to you as to how often you want to work with me.

Myth #3: I’ll need A LOT of sessions in order to overcome my current challenge

You will “not” need to come for years. One session is like doing months of traditional practices. All of my sessions are 90-minutes because not only do I offer coaching advice in your session we also do the Resonance Realignment Method™ process to shift you quickly from the negative to a more positive state of mind. In many cases, I have seen some clients only need 4 to 8 sessions to get to where they want to be. Now with that said, if you are going through a bad breakup, divorce, health issues, traumatic loss, or wanting to find a partner or start a business, then you may choose to do as many sessions as you want until you are satisfied. You will know when you’re complete.

Some of my clients do sessions once a month or join my Momentum Monthly Membership group as a way to maintain their peace of mind and live their high-vibe life. I call them my “Wellbeing Warriors” It is all a choice and all up to you.

Myth #4: This stuff is too woo-woo sounding for me!

Just like traditional coaching, we will discuss your issues and we will do a Resonance Realignment™ to get to the subconscious mind and what is holding you back. You see you hold all of your past memories, negative beliefs, and emotions on the subconscious level. We need to access and release those memories & limiting beliefs so you can stop thinking, talking, and living in the past. Then in the Realignment process, we will shift your mindset from negative to a new positive mindset so you can live and create the life you want from the present. TBT the proof is in the pudding!

To learn more about how I work watch my YouTube video.

It is my promise that you will save more time, money, and agony and start living the highest version of yourself when you make the investment.

If woo woo works, why wouldn’t you do it? Read below what a client experienced with RR and working with me.

“I sought assistance from Lauren after 6 years of not getting over a traumatic life event. It was the first time I was not able to move past something major, and it was holding me back. After one session with Lauren, I was able to let it go. I followed all of her after care instructions and continued to improve and move forward. I made so much progress that I chose to focus my second session on professional goals. I am really excited about the transformation in my life and looking forward to seeing more. I have recommended Lauren to friends, and I highly recommend her to anyone trying to shift their focus to a positive future. She is warm, kind hearted, down to earth and super gifted. Schedule your first session today, and change your life.”

Jennifer F.

If this might interest you, you can book an appointment with me here and save on your first session.

Now I want to know: have you experienced alternative therapies before (other than traditional talk therapy or coaching)? Which changes did you notice? And if you haven’t, why is that so? I’d love to know!

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