Momentum Membership

Tune into a higher vibrational thought pattern.

Everyone wants something in their lives

You want things to be easy but you keep sabotaging yourself from getting what and where you want to be. You may find yourself stuck in a conflicting or dead-end relationship, robbing Peter to pay Mary, battling with a health issue, or lacking direction as to what you want or should do in your life that would bring you joy and happiness.

Or you may be on your path towards what you are wanting but negative conditions outside of you happen and you start doubting your path, you find yourself slipping into self-judgment, you get impatient or you fall back into unhealthy patterns. All of a sudden you’re in a swirl of negative emotions. This is when the momentum that was flowing you along at rapid speed towards your goal or your intention slows down or completely stops.

So you ask…

How do I get back on my happy go lucky feel good path so I can get my momentum going again towards what I want?

And, this is the million-dollar question to which I have the solution!

Meet the Momentum Membership

You have to shift your mindset from negative to positive so you can activate those feel-good feelings again. In essence, we need to activate a higher vibe in ourselves and we have to maintain it. In the Abraham Hicks teachings, they call this getting back into the Vortex.

I have created the Momentum Membership program to help you to stay in the Vortex or, if you slip out of it, you can quickly and easily get back into it with the support of this group and me as your Momentum coach.

I created this for...

Those who are wanting/needing a community of like-minded people.

People who’d like individual coaching but are on a tight budget.

Folks that need to be held accountable.

People who feel they don’t have the time to commit to doing their personal/spiritual growth. (session calls are recorded for your convenience if you miss a call)

Clients who do one-to-one individual sessions and want extra support in between sessions to maintain their high vibe and moving them on a path of fulfilling their heart’s desire.

See how our members are experiencing transformation

What to Expect in the 4-Week Program

Monthly Group Resonance Realignment Webinar

to shift your focus away from the unwanted/negative thing you are experiencing or some made-up story you’re telling yourself. Then we will activate a high vibe frequency which will be a different frequency than the unwanted issue or story. This will make the issue or story in the far distance of your mind. Once this happens it makes it much easier to practice holding a positive mindset, a good feeling tone, and maintain your momentum towards what you are ready to experience in your life and do so consciously and deliberately.

Monthly Email

with helpful resources to keep you stay on track and maintain your momentum towards what you are wanting to experience in your life. I call these Tune-up Tuesday and I’ll send recorded meditations, share reading material, a home modality, and other resources to support you. You can set 15 or more minutes a week for these home suggestions and you can do them at your leisure. The more time you put into it, the better you’ll feel, and the faster the momentum to what you want will go.

Individual Coaching in a Group Setting with a meditation and conversational check-in

I will first lead you in a guided meditation. Then you’ll be able to ask questions and get clarity as to how to maintain or get back on track in the momentum flow. We will also be able to share any success stories to help encourage others in the group. This is about building a community of like-minded people. 

Check-In Email

to let me know how you are doing and what you need support with.

Depending on when you join the membership program, you will start in the rotation of the week you joined. Then you will receive 4 weeks of a once-a-week transformation and support that will help you shift your energy and keep you and your mindset in the best place possible.

Join Our Community

What I love most about group coaching is that it allows me to help more of you make significant changes in your life, at a fraction of hiring me privately.

Your monthly membership includes:

Group Resonance Realignment Session

Value $125

Group Meditation and Conversation

Value $125

Monthly Themed Resources

Value $45

Monthly Email Check-In

Value $45

Discount on Private Resonance Realignment Sessions

Value $65

Join today for only


per month

See what people are saying about our membership community

MM is really helping me. You are a tremendous leader and it has been wonderful to interact with the other ladies. I really think it is helping me kind of ground my weeks, especially on the weeks when we meet. But I do think every other week is good timing for this. It gives me something to look forward to and time to reflect between our meetings.


The group repatterning session was amazing! Thank you so much for leading us through it! It came at a perfect time for me and I have made it a point to do my homework, drinking water, staying positive and listening to my spirit. So far I have told 3 people about the repatterning session this week and two of them wanted more information. They are interested in signing up for the next session. I will keep them posted as we move forward.

Thank you again for a wonderful session!


I really felt a huge shift in my beliefs tonight. THANK YOU for this beautiful gift, Lauren.


Meet Lauren

Lauren has over 17 years experience helping people transform their lives, and the Resonance Realignment™ Method is a favorite among clients to make change happen faster and easier.

Using her natural empathic ability, along with a blend of tools from various certifications in Hypnosis, NLP and Reiki, she has helped hundreds of people find their purpose, live their potential, and fully realize their power, joy and passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the fence or have more questions? Email me at and I’ll be happy to chat with you!

You can absolutely sign up today, but you’ll start receiving the material & emails next month.

No, your payment is non-refundable because of the nature of the digital and live material you’ll be receiving. However, I encourage you to reach out to me if you don’t feel you’re getting the results you should be expecting.

No worries! I love to get away too, that’s why the live sessions will be recorded & you’ll receive the recording and the other digital material directly by email. That’s the beauty of online programs 🙂

If you’d rather take a break, you can unsubscribe up to 24 hours before your next payment and subscribe again when you’re back from your adventures!

Please email me at or you can text me at 512-947-6115. I have to manually cancel you from auto-pay which takes a few days. You will finish out your subscription for the month you are in and be good to go.

Join us in the Momentum Membership