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You want and deserve the best life has to offer. 

Get, keep, and increase your momentum toward everything you want now, Now, and NOW.

The Momentum Membership is the most convenient and affordable way to get Resonance Realignment™ Sessions, expert coaching, ongoing accountability, and group support on auto-pilot so you can easily manifest what you want next, Next, and NEXT — with velocity. 

This is your personal invitation to join us.

This Is Momentum!

Lauren Johnston has over 17 years of expertise in helping people transform their lives. 

The Resonance Realignment™ Method is a favorite among clients to make change happen faster and easier.

Equipped with her natural intuitive ability, Resonance Realignment™, Hypnosis, NLP, and Reiki mastery, Lauren has helped hundreds of people realize their power, joy, and passion — and live their potential.

The Momentum Mastermind group is a hand-selected cohort engaged in a high-level conversation to dispel doubts, build your “life can be easy” muscle, and hold you accountable for getting what you want faster than you ever thought possible.  

The easiest way to get increasingly better, Better, and BETTER results in life. 

Not everyone wants more out of life. But you do. 

You’ll never be done breaking through to the next level of manifestation, joy, performance, and full self-expression. 

And you want it to be EASY… 

Good news! IT CAN BE. 

Momentum Membership is for you.

Momentum moves things forward… It cracks diamonds (and relationship codes). 

Launches boulders (and businesses). 

Shatters glass ceilings (and limiting beliefs). 

With EASE.

With this work we’ve seen clients transform whatever was in the way so they could:  

  • Start a business & continue to build success 
  • Find their life partner, get engaged, get married, go through IVF, have children, and build a family 
  • Break through their controlling and obsessive behaviors 
  • Make more money  
  • Move into new, more powerful and profitable positions with 6 and 7-figure potential in their career (doing what they LOVE) 
  • Create magic as they continue to level up!

See what people are saying about our membership community

One of the biggest areas of growth for me where this showed up was in my relationship with my mom. I started changing how I responded to her - not trying to people please, just being more myself, and doing and saying what was true to me. By doing this, I was not trying to change her, but rather, change the way we interacted. Over the course of several years, and through my work with Lauren, I was able to change how we communicated and interacted with each other, including telling her no, even when she tried to apply "mom guilt" to get me to do what she wanted, as well as understanding and regularly drawing my boundaries with her.

Additionally, a big part of getting over the people-pleasing aspect was also having confidence in myself and my own lovability. I came to realize I am lovable without having to change who I am with others, i.e. do what they want to please them even if it makes me unhappy. And what I also realized was that no matter what happened - if that person didn't want to date me, be friends with me, etc., it didn't matter because I had my own back and knew I was going to be okay. For example for the first time ever, I ended a friendship with someone I wanted to be in a romantic relationship because I was not getting what I needed from him with regard to our relationship, and knew I never would - he wasn't for me. This was a huge growth step. And I knew that breaking it off with him was the right thing, I was going to be okay, and by doing this I was making room for the right person who will give me what I am looking for in a partner.


I've worked with Lauren for many years and with her help changed careers, got married, and moved back to my hometown which I don't love but I have made peace with it. We worked on me shifting my perspective and self-judgment about moving back home. I have a daughter now and it's good that she can grow up with extended family. 

I took a break from individual sessions and joined her momentum monthly group at the beginning of 2019. I no longer felt I  needed individual sessions but joined the group for continued support and consistent upgrading. 

The group has also kept me accountable.

Recently I have started back up with individual sessions with Lauren in between our group sessions because I was making a huge transition in my career. It was a tough decision to go to work for my family's business but Lauren helped me with making a decision I feel good about. And, she is helping me make this transition. 

My new job is providing me with an income and stability I never thought imaginable.

I'm so grateful to Lauren for believing in me when I didn't and seeing the potential in me I couldn't. Then shifting my perspective to see me the way she sees me.


Why Momentum?

Monthly Group Resonance Realignment Webinar

to shift your focus away from the unwanted/negative thing you are experiencing or some made-up story you’re telling yourself. Then we will activate a high vibe frequency which will be a different frequency than the unwanted issue or story. This will make the issue or story in the far distance of your mind. Once this happens it makes it much easier to practice holding a positive mindset, a good feeling tone, and maintain your momentum towards what you are ready to experience in your life and do so consciously and deliberately.

Monthly Email

with helpful resources to keep you stay on track and maintain your momentum towards what you are wanting to experience in your life. I call these Tune-up Tuesday and I’ll send recorded meditations, share reading material, a home modality, and other resources to support you. You can set 15 or more minutes a week for these home suggestions and you can do them at your leisure. The more time you put into it, the better you’ll feel, and the faster the momentum to what you want will go.

Individual Coaching in a Group Setting with a meditation and conversational check-in

I will first lead you in a guided meditation. Then you’ll be able to ask questions and get clarity as to how to maintain or get back on track in the momentum flow. We will also be able to share any success stories to help encourage others in the group. This is about building a community of like-minded people. 

Check-In Email

to let me know how you are doing and what you need support with.

Private coaching with me is customized based on intuitive guidance — but on average around $2000-$3000 for 6 months* without supplementing with your Momentum Membership. 

This is not therapy, but run-of-the-mill therapeutic sessions would cost you between $1800-$9000 for 6 months. (And we all know therapy takes years, so multiply that!) 

With your 6-month Momentum Membership you get me as your Momentum Coach, plus exclusive personalized support and community — to help you make significant changes in your life — at a fraction of the price. 

Your 6-month Momentum Membership is just $688 when you pay in full today.  Keep reading to find out how to get your 6-month membership basically FREE!

Join Our Community

What I love most about group coaching is that it allows me to help more of you make significant changes in your life, at a fraction of hiring me privately.

included in your 6-month membership:

Customized Resonance Realignment™ Group Repatterning Session (1 a month live session - replay recordings available to members only)

Value $750

Momentum Membership Coaching Session (1x/mo live session - individual coaching in the group setting with supplemental modalities - replay recordings available to members only)

Value $750

Private Voice-to-Voice & Email Support (In case something comes up between sessions in any given month, I’ll respond directly!)

Value $270


$1770 PLUS...

Discount on Private Resonance Realignment™ Sessions*

You save $780 on private sessions if you see me 1:1 twice a month for 6 months… VALUE $780

But your 6-month Momentum Membership is just $688 when you pay in full today. This discount covers the price of your membership (this means your 6-month membership is practically FREE when you join now, pay in full, and use your discount on private sessions as noted above)!

*Many private clients find the Momentum Membership to be a great support in between private sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the fence or have more questions? Email me at and I’ll be happy to chat with you!

We’re in the middle of the month, can I still join today?

Depending on when you join the membership program, you will start in the rotation of the week you joined.

Is this refundable?

I’ve never had a refund request or a dissatisfied member. But I encourage you to reach out to me if you aren’t getting the results you intended. Please note that, due to the nature of the work, participation, and delivery methods partial payment may be pro-rated in the event of a refund request.

I’m traveling & I won’t be able to attend next month, what should I do?

No worries! I love to get away too, that’s why the live sessions will be recorded & you’ll receive the recording and the other digital material directly by email. That’s the beauty of online programs 🙂

If you’d rather take a break, you can unsubscribe up to 24 hours before your next payment and subscribe again when you’re back from your adventures!

How do I cancel the program?

Please email me at or you can text me at 512-947-6115. I have to manually cancel you from auto-pay which takes a few days. 

Let’s get your Momentum going!

One-time payment of $688

*Automatically renews every 6 months

Or six monthly payments of $127 each

*Automatically renews every month

On the fence or have more questions? Email me at and I’ll be happy to chat with you!

See what people are saying about our membership community

I'm a lifelong learner and one of the reasons I came to Momentum was for accountability and staying in alignment. 

I wanted to stay motivated and energized in my journey to switch careers and I'm so glad I had dedicated time to reflect on what I'm struggling with and how to shift that. I also got resources that help me when I need to reset or pause in the stress of everyday life. 

Since joining, I've been expressing more gratitude about life which I couldn't have expected before joining. I have learned more about myself and what thoughts may have been limiting me throughout my professional career. 

If you want to shift the thought patterns that are limiting you and are looking for kindred spirits who may be experiencing new changes or want a community to stay accountable, I recommend Momentum Membership for you. 


I initially joined to get clarity and guidance for my career. I wanted an MBA and start my own company. 

Momentum gave me a community and a place where other souls support each other. Lauren is an amazing guide and the realignment I experience is so powerful. 

At the beginning I wouldn't have been able to imagine how accomplished and "light" I feel after our realignment sessions. It has also taught me to have good boundaries when caring for others too.

Since joining Momentum, I've graduated with my MBA, started a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), and helped my daughter graduate and enroll in a great college. 

I feel my sessions with Lauren helped me to be a more caring, supportive, and balanced person and parent. 

If you want to get clarity about your relationships, career or direction in life, or want to achieve your goals and become more aware of how many choices you have, you'll be able to find them at Momentum.