Hi there, I'm Lauren!

Welcome to my transformational practice!

Hi there, I'm Lauren!

Welcome to my transformational practice!

When people ask me how I came to be in this field, I have to answer that it came to me.

I thought I was a hair stylist for a long time, and indeed, I styled some pretty good heads of hair, but I realized many of my clients were in my chair for life counseling as much as for haircuts.

I have always felt a strong desire to be of service and help people awaken and transform to live the highest version of themselves.

In 2004 my desire to help others really transformed into a calling I could not ignore. Deciding to pursue my true purpose — to help people improve their lives and live to their fullest potential, I set out to learn and create a practice that would accelerate transformation in the lives of my clients.


Certified in Hypnosis
Certified in Time Line™ Therapy
Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming
Certified NLP Life Coach
Reiki Master Level II
Studied Conscious Language upgrading
Studied Energy Clearing.

I recently was visiting a friend in Belize for his birthday. I fell in love with Belize, the culture, the people and an amazing Man!

I decided “YOLO” (you only live once) and with in just a few months, I signed a lease on a beach front apartment and packed a few things and moved!

You can follow my adventure on my IG or FB page.

Using my natural empathic ability, along with a blend of tools, methods and modalities garnered from my various trainings I have helped hundreds of people find their purpose, live their potential, and fully realize their power, joy and passion.

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I have a deep sense of compassion and clarity as I listen to what it is that your highest version of yourself wants to create and experience.

The highest version of yourself can be called many things. God, the Divine, your Higher Self, call it what you may, what it always wants for you is your truest aim and the best outcome. From my personal experience, when we live the  highest version of ourselves it truly brings joy, fulfillment, abundance and more. This gift is beyond anything we can imagine or envision. We just have to be willing and trust our higher selves. 

When I partner with you, you can be assured I am calling on us both to bring our true essence to the table. I work with you, not on you.

Words are like keys to me.

These keys are capable of opening the door to your highest self. Using my intuition and conscious language I help you to upgrade and find the keywords that will help you move into resonance with what your highest version of self wants to manifest, to live your full potential.

Often there are patterns that are held in the unconscious level that prevent you from resonating with your highest vision. I identify and help you clear those unconscious patterns so you are free to manifest the highest version of yourself and get the results you are looking for.

When we are resonating with the highest version of our self we respond to life with ease and Grace and we co-create with the universe for our highest vision of life, which is truly what we want in regards to purpose, career, relationships, family, health and our life.

You will be over-the-top excited with the results you get!

In practice

If I hear a client say,“I am worried about ‘so and so’ or ‘such and such’;”

It usually indicates to me that there is a pattern in the unconscious (in this case, the pattern of co-dependency) that is playing out in the mental/emotional level. I’m sure you’ve experienced the worry that occupies the mind and can trigger intense emotions such as: fear, rejection, abandonment and even anger. I immediately bring that up a notch to…”May I suggest you feel concerned instead of worried?” Being concerned is being able to express yourself without the trigger. This empowers you and creates more of an interdependent relationship. And, you will feel a whole lot better with just that small re-frame.

And just like that, you have experienced your first upgrade. The next step is to start trying those keys in the lock on the door. What door? The one that leads to the highest version of yourself. Now that you are good with ‘concerned’ instead of ‘worried’ How about trying out… “I trust that ‘so and so’ or ‘such and such’ is just fine and I release the concern. This not only empowers you but it uplifts you from unnecessary stress of trying to control the things you can NOT control.

The only thing you can control is how you are going to respond to whatever is happening. If you worry for the future it will not prepared you for it. You won’t know how you feel until you are actually in the real situation, whatever it may be.