Get the most of your Resonance Realignment Method session

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

You’re here because you’ve received one of my free Resonance Realignment Method sessions. I wanted to make sure you have the support and answers to your questions.

This process is the #1 reason why I see so much success in shifting my client’s mindset. 

Every RRM session is a deep internal process that is best received in a comfortable position, like laying in your bed or a comfortable, private, quiet place. Feel free to wear your PJs and be as comfy as you wish.

This is not about being taught something, it’s a deeply transformational process and I want to make sure your experience during the realignment is most comfortable. 

Here are a few important things for you to prepare for the recorded Realignment session:

  • Be in a comfortable place where you can lay down or relax in a comfy reclining chair if possible.
  • Make sure you have some water on-hand during the session. Water conducts energy, so it helps to sip water throughout the session.
  • Turn off your phones and other devices.
  • In the sound modality using headphones will enhance your experience but it is not necessary to get the full benefit of the modality.

After Care

Once you’ve experienced the realignment, make sure you follow these self-care tips to nurture the results you’ve gotten from the realignment:

  • Drink a lot of water for the next few days
  • Try to avoid exposure to negative news or violent shows or movies for 12-24 hours
  • Listen to the realignment as much as you want to help you maintain what we did in the session.
  • Read or listen to positive things! I love to go to bed listening to one of Abraham Hicks’ YouTube nighttime meditation and/or wake up and listen to their morning meditation.

Feel free to write me at and let me know how the realignment felt for you, and what came up for you during or afterward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In fact, some people will fall asleep the minute we start with the pause for centering. This is their own unique way that their body/mind/heart wisdom is kicking in to align them with the powerful vibration of the positive statements and the music modality. So, no need to try and stay awake.

Yes, this is why I record the realignment. At the beginning of each group realignment, I set the intention that any participants who experience this realignment at a later time will receive the full benefit to their highest good and support them in whatever way they need at the time.

No! RR is an energetic process so you don’t have to physically say the statements. The statements are actually used to distract the conscious mind so the transmission of positive vibration happens on the subconscious and cellular level.