Relationship Breakthrough Transformational Healing

An intimate group program — leveraging Resonance Realignment™ and intuitive coaching — that creates radical healing for heart-centered women. 

If your marriage is failing, if you’re unfulfilled or unsure of what you want… And you’re ready for a breakthrough…

It’s time to start healing.

This is your wake-up call.

You deserve healing that reveals your identity and worth, so you know exactly what your perfect future looks like.

Learn the intuitive skills and tools to help you navigate this time with peace and clarity, so you can make empowered, confident decisions for your future. 

Hi, I'm Lauren,

an intuitive life coach who specializes in helping heart-centered women navigate life, specifically relationships and transitions. I remember the feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, and failure as I navigated my own marriage and relationships. I faced decisions I never thought I’d have to make. But I trusted myself and knew what was right for my highest self. I just needed the courage and positivity to embrace the process and transcend the chaos. Through my own experience and training as a life coach, I designed the Relationship Breakthrough Transformational Healing Group to provide the support for women to do just that.

Hi, I'm Lauren,

an intuitive life coach who specializes in helping heart-centered women navigate life, specifically relationships and transitions. I remember the feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, and failure as I navigated my own marriage and relationships. I faced decisions I never thought I’d have to make. But I trusted myself and knew what was right for my highest self. I just needed the courage and positivity to embrace the process and transcend the chaos. Through my own experience and training as a life coach, I designed the Relationship Breakthrough Transformational Healing Group to provide the support for women to do just that.

What Will You Get From The Relationship Breakthrough Transformational Healing Group?

My relationship story

Marital struggles are hard. You have this person you’ve built a life with and, on the surface, everything might look fine… But you know that on the inside, the relationship is cold. You feel unloved and unheard. You might even resent your partner. You don’t know if you should keep trying or move on. Everything feels frozen and scary.

I know how hard it is, because I’ve been there.

I was in my 20s when I experienced my first real heartbreak. My relationship of 7 years came to a crashing halt when he revealed that he never planned to marry me. At the time, I lacked the confidence to express my needs and desires… So he thought I was okay with the arrangement we had.

Lesson. Learned.

Over time, I healed and began dating again. I met a man who I thought was the one – and I made sure to express what I wanted right away. He met the commitment and soon we were married, but after 8 years, I came to see our life goals and values did not align.

I was a hair stylist who wanted more out of life: a family, financial success, the ability to travel.

He was a starving artist and comic who really embraced and loved that lifestyle.

Our marriage didn’t make sense anymore. We were speaking different life languages. It didn’t feel right.

But I was so scared to make this decision.

I was frustrated all the time but I didn’t truly understand why.

I still loved and liked my husband, but I found myself resenting him because our paths did not align.

I was not connected with myself enough to know what I wanted.

I felt like I was losing a grip on my identity as a person.

I didn’t want to face a reality with the word “divorce” in it because I had never imagined myself as a divorced person.

I felt like everything in life was lacking in color as I was overwhelmed with my grief for a marriage I was still in everyday.

There’s no easy way to put it: marriage struggles are complex and emotional.

My friends rallied around me, though, and helped take the confusion out of it.

Instead of getting lost in the overwhelming emotions and complexities of it all, I made a list. I listed out what I wanted in life. It became obvious that my husband, while still a great person, did not meet my needs. This was a punch to the gut but an important realization.

From there, I made a list of my top 5 priorities. These would become my future relationship deal breakers. I easily saw that he didn’t meet them. 

I took myself out of any anger and emotion I was feeling and I made a decision in peace…

It was at that moment I accepted, in my heart, that my marriage was no longer right for me and we needed a divorce.

This is the decision that was right for me. But more than anything, I want you to make the decision that is right for you.

You deserve to remove yourself from the chaos and emotions to make a peaceful, soul-based decision on what is right for you and your family.

Since my divorce, I have healed and accepted what happened. I now approach relationships from a healed, holistic perspective that allows me to get so much more out of them.

I wish someone had helped me recognize that the reason this time was so difficult was because I needed to focus on healing in the moment. I was carrying negative patterns and associations, like how I viewed divorce, that made this process and decision all the more difficult. 

If I had stayed, it would have been out of fear of the unknown future and being a divorced person.

So what is the right decision for you, my friend?

Only you can know that. But here is the secret: your highest self already knows. She is in there, waiting for you to discover her and all her wisdom. 

You just need the space and tools to find her. She will show you how to communicate your needs and worth. She will help you recognize your peace and confidence. She will help you balance your relationships.

She is your power.

You deserve to meet her, my friend. She is amazing and waiting for you.

What to Expect in the 4-Week Program

This group is designed to be life changing but not overly time consuming, so you have the opportunity to really see and practice these tools in your real life.

We’ll connect 4 times throughout the month with a cohort of other intuitive women who are gathering to heal. There is power in groups of women coming together in pursuit of healing – and you’ll feel that during these sessions!

1st Monday of the Month

You will get a check in email to see how you are doing and what you need support on. I’ll tailor the month around your needs that you let me know at this point!

2nd Monday of the Month

We’ll meet at 8PM CST (6PM PST/ 7pm MT/ 9PM EST) for a live Resonance Realignment session. These are powerful healing sessions that will leave you centered and full.

3rd Monday of the Month

For Momentum Monday, I will send you a juicy tidbit, like guided meditations, reading material, uplifting videos, and demonstrations for home modalities. These are resources to help keep you on track and maintain your momentum.

4th Monday of the Month

We will join each other for a Meditation, Conversation, & Coaching sessions. These calls will take place over Zoom at 8PM CST (6PM PST /7PM MT/  9PM EST).

You’ll also get these exclusive bonuses!

Recordings of all the past sessions we’ve done so you can revisit them whenever you want for extra support.

Priority discounts on retreats and special VIP programs.

Special price on one-to-one sessions.

Join Our Community

A $405 monthly value…for only $147 per month! I’ve created this incredible saving bundle just for you because I know the power it holds. You deserve this healing!

Your monthly membership includes:

Group Resonance Realignment Session

Value $125

Group Meditation and Conversation

Value $125

Monthly Themed Resources

Value $45

Monthly Email Check-In

Value $45

Discount on Private Resonance Realignment Sessions

Value $35

See what people are saying about our membership community

After feeling like there was a dark cloud over my home and my relationship with my husband, we both agreed to meet with Lauren separately and then together.  


After one session we could talk, after the second I actually started to feel like this is going to be ok and now I feel like geez, what was that all about?

She helped us clear the air, and gave us a safe space to talk that I honestly did not think existed.

I am so thankful for Lauren for bringing us back together.

Cyndi M.

Lauren was referred to me by a friend and she was a real life-saver. I had been on the fence for years struggle with wanting to leave my very unhappy marriage. I was in resistance to file because I knew it would be a battle over money and property and frankly I was terrified.. Even though our kids were grown, I felt guilty for wanting to leave and I felt emotionally battered by staying. 

Working with Lauren helped me to stay positive, hopeful and feeling fearless even though it was an 18 month wait and battle. 

I finally got what I deserved and am grateful to Lauren for taking every step with me in my journey. 

Rebecca H.

I never imagined I would become a divorcee! I even had judgements about others taking that route, thinking “well they just did’n try hard enough”. I was paralysed by the fear of feeling like a failure. So when my husband filed for divorce even though we had our issues, I really didn’t see if coming. 

I felt like humpty dumpty until some years later I realized I was not letting go and knew I had to get help. This is when I found Lauren and she did help me put the pieces of my life back together.

I am now in a new relationship with a better understanding of myself and with a new found self-love and letting go of the shame I felt about being divorced. 

Nancy J.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have limited time and space in your life, so we both only want you to participate in the Relationship Breakthrough Transformational Healing Group if it is truly right for you! Thus, I’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions.

On the fence or have more questions? Email me at and I’ll be happy to chat with you!

This group is not designed to be time consuming in the way that it will detract from your life. We will digitally meet once a week with a collective to practice a variety of intuitive healing techniques. From there, you will have the option to book private one-on-one sessions with me for further support at an exclusive price. But the impact of multiple people coming together in a healing environment is a powerful part of the experience.

While we only meet digitally once a week, you will have access to other recordings and exercises to help you as needed. This is also a life transformation, so you will find yourself naturally applying these tools in your everyday life. In that way, it is all consuming in the best possible way!

No, it will not. The group is designed to support you in healing so you can recognize what is right for you and make an empowered, confident decision. If that is staying in your marriage, I want to help you know how to live as your highest self, so you are being recognized and loved in the way you deserve. You will have the tools and confidence to communicate your worth and needs.

My friend, my only goal is to see you prosper.

In this process, I will introduce you to intuitive healing practices and tools. I will ask you to tap into your heart and inner being so you can find your highest possible self. If you are open to this type of healing and ready to accept this space, I firmly believe this group will help you heal and understand what you need to meet your highest possible self.

This transformative experience is only $147 a month. Better yet: I’ll give you the first month for free!

Yes! I have helped many women through this decision! But don’t listen to me, let them tell you for themselves…

“Wonderful and powerful session! So what I needed right now. love, gratitude and hugs!” - Kate B. 

“Hi Lauren, thank you so much for doing this … session. I was just thinking of reaching out to you for a session on this very topic and it's like you got my ESPN psychic friends network message. I experienced a complete turn around that evening.” - Gabrielle E.

I hope so. It is an incredible and transformative experience that I genuinely believe will change your life.

You should NOT join the Relationship Breakthrough Transformational Healing Group if…

❎ You do not want to receive intuitive healing tools to help you navigate this difficult time and heal.

❎ You are not ready to make time for yourself and your healing.

❎ Intuitive and energetic healing practices are not for you.

❎ Your partner is emotionally, physically, or verbally abusive. (If you are in an abusive situation, please do not try to fix it. It is time to leave. Please reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help and resources. You and your children deserve to be safe.)

❎ You are not ready to commit to healing for yourself and your family

But if you are ready to...

Meet your highest self and tap into your heart.

Embrace positive control and courage.

Keep balance in your relationship.

Understand who you were and are becoming.

Find radical inner healing.

Learn what love looks like for you.

Love yourself.

Understand the depth of what you deserve.

Then don’t wait any longer. You deserve healing. You deserve transformation. You hold the solution to the pain and difficulty you are facing in your inner highest self. 

You are the help you are looking for.

Join us in the Relationship Breakthrough Transformational Healing Group